Amal Center for Advocacy and Recovery

The Amal Recovery and Advocacy Center (AHAC) is a women-led organization that specializes in empowering women, who suffer from psychological symptoms resulting from social and sexual violence within the family or community. The organization seeks to contribute to bringing about a change in the status of women in Syrian society and support them in increasing their awareness of their rights and opportunities. The motive behind the establishment of the organization was the desire to contribute to building a Syrian society based on just and equal human rights and based on an independent civil state.

The organization was founded in 2014 in the Turkish city of Antakya, located near the Syrian-Turkish border. Antakya hosts a large number of Syrian refugees, families and communities. AHAC strives to respond specifically to the needs of Syrian refugee women, and survivors of violence in particular.

Our vision:

AHAC strives for a world where the voices of Syrian women are raised and heard for equal human rights and social justice.

The Message:

AHAC works with and for Syrian women to advocate, connect and empower each other to build a peaceful society, where all people live in dignity and security.

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Women’s leadership, democracy, empowerment, social justice, and equality.